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Sourdough and Slow-Rise Bread

Sourdough is both a method of bread-making, and a mindset. We carefully cultivate the wild yeasts from the air, feed them, and give the dough plenty of time to rise. Think of sourdough as encouraging the dough and commercially processed yeast as forcing it. By the time our bread is done, it’s had all the time it needs to develop complex flavors, a great crumb, and that chewy crust. It doesn’t necessarily taste sour, though — hence, Sweet Sourdough!

The best way to order from our small bakery

– If you’re short on time (with sourdough, that means you want it in less than 3 days!), then click over to the Bake Calendar and choose what day’s menu you’d like to order from. Make your selections on the Shop page and checkout.
– If you have more than 3 days till you want to pick up your order, and you want something that isn’t on a Bake Calendar, then give me a call/text and make a special request, or just use the online Shop page and I’ll get the alert.

This is only a sample of the variety I make. For the most up-to-date list, see the SHOP page.

Do you want to know what is available RIGHT NOW?

Sign up for Sweet Sourdough’s text message group! Two or three times per week, I’ll send you a text with a list of goodies I’m making fresh or already have frozen. It’s free and you can cancel anytime.
To sign up: text the word sourdough to (844) 912-2965

The Breads

French Sourdough

Lightly tangy, with enough freshly ground organic wheat to give it a creamy color. It takes about a full day to make. No added oils or sugars.

San Francisco Sourdough

This is our tangiest bread! It takes three days to make the two different starters for this one bread! A nice portion of whole-grain wheat keeps it healthy. No added oils or sugars.

Multi-Grain Miche

Miche (meesh) is the French word for a hybrid of sourdough and yeasted bread with a great, soft crumb. Lots of rye sourdough starter is boosted with a little yeast and our special mix of whole grains: soft wheat, dried corn, barley, oats, spelt and rye. No added oils or sugars.

Sun-dried Tomato and Fresh Rosemary

Our French Sourdough rises slowly with chunks of chopped sun-dried tomatoes and finely minced rosemary. This makes an excellent sandwich or garlic toast! No added oils or sugars.

Multigrain Sourdough Sandwich

Freshly ground multi-grain flour combines with a little milk, butter, and sugar and a long, slow rise with wild yeast to give this spongy bread a complex flavor that holds its own in a sandwich.

Katherine’s Favorite Bagels

Our youngest daughter Katherine so loves bagels that she learned to make them, really, REALLY well. They’re an actual “healthy” size, somewhat bigger than mini-bagels but more petite than supermarket monstrosities. And soooo chewy! Available in ~Plain~ ~Sesame~ ~Everything~

Honey Butter Dinner Rolls

Light wheat and fluffy, flavored with wildflower honey and baked in butter, these are the sourdough rolls that can’t be parked near my dad at Thanksgiving.

Garlic Herb Focaccia

Wheat sourdough starter gives this focaccia its light, chewy texture. I flavor it with classic Italian herbs and minced garlic, then press rosemary and big chunks of garlic into the olive oil drizzled on top. The 8×12″ rectangular flatbread tears into generous pieces at the table or cut it into sticks and warm it in the oven to serve as fancy garlic bread.

Cranberry Oat Breakfast Braid

Dried cranberries, honey, and cinnamon work with oats in a soft sourdough loaf, and slice quickly into a sweet and tangy breakfast for busy days.

Pumpkin Spice Raisin Swirl

My multigrain sourdough sandwich bread dough is rolled up with a pumpkin, spice, and raisin filling. The loaf keeps well for days, and the slightly sweet pumpkin swirl will make great breakfast toast, or even French toast!

The Cakes

Sourdough Coffee Cake

Our sourdough wheat starter gives an amazing complexity to the fluffy vanilla cake.  No one will ever guess what makes this the tastiest coffee cake ever, but then, they might be distracted by the thick layer of buttery, cinnamon streusel made with freshly ground organic whole grains!
8″ round cake

Chocolate Crumb Cake

Chocolate and Rye have a real affinity for each other, so we use our rye sourdough like buttermilk to get a light cake with an edge to its sweetness. Buttery cocoa crumbs on top and laced through the middle are made with whole grains but are still decadent.
8″ round cake

Lemon Poppyseed Poundcake

Moroccan salted lemons are usually in savory dishes, but this pound cake proves they don’t have to be! My lemon tree produces 70+ lbs. of lemons in December; one of the many ways I cope with this is by putting up large jars of salted lemons to ferment and use all year. This pound cake uses preserved lemon wedges for the flavor and the salt; poppyseeds add a pleasant crunch; whole-grain cornmeal and soft wheat pretend to make it healthy, and a bright lemon glaze increases the sweet/salty citrus edge. 

The Snacks

Peanut Butter Granola

Everything granola is supposed to be and seldom is: crisp-tender, slightly sweet and hearty. It’s richly flavored with peanut butter and whole grains, but no raisins.

Sourdough Crackers

I combine my rye sourdough starter with freshly ground multigrain flour, a little olive oil and sea salt to roll into super thin crackers. Available in several flavors.
~Lightly Salted~ ~Nutritional yeast~
~Sesame~ ~Rosemary~

Embossed Graham Crackers

You have never tasted graham crackers like this! Crispy and sweet, they actually taste like whole grain. Decorated with a floral pattern in the traditional Polish style.
~ Classic Honey Wheat — butter enriches the freshly ground soft wheat, honey, and vanilla.
~ Chocolate Multigrain — five grains (soft wheat, rye, corn, barley and oat) are blended and ground fresh to lighten the wheat taste and let the dark cocoa and butter shine.
~ Pumpkin Spice — coconut oil blends with freshly ground oats, barley, corn and millet to make a cookie that’s vegan and wheat-free.  Flavored with pumpkin and the classic warm spices!
 5 oz. bags

Vanilla Bean Wafers

Can you get excited about vanilla wafers? Yes! Crispy and buttery and sweet with the tiny specks of vanilla bean sugar — one customer called them, “To die for!” Eat them plain or use them in the world’s best banana pudding.  8 oz. bag (about 50 cookies)

Crunchy Chopped Chocolate Cookies

I’ve been making chocolate chip cookies all my life, but these are my absolute favorites, and NOT because they are made completely with whole grain wheat and barley.  I love them because they are crispy with butter and absolutely stuffed with milk, dark and white chocolate (Callebaut brand!). Sold by the dozen.

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  • Hi! If you have a comment about any of our baked goods, you can leave it here. I check every day!
    Thanks, Laura

  • Tina says:

    Sweet Sourdough makes the best tasting breads and desserts. I especially enjoy their Sourdough bread, crackers, King Cake, and fudge. Try them once and you’ll be a customer for life!

  • Amy Apt says:

    My family loves the coffee cakes, peanut butter granola, graham crackers, you name it!! Sweet Sourdough is the absolute best.

  • Janette Winkelmann says:

    I have found a wonderful way to stay on our healthy eating plan thanks to you.
    Every time I order bread, we can’t wait to get into that bag. Your sweet treats are
    so wonderful, and we – ration them by freezing them, always knowing the will be
    just as fresh as the day we picked them up. Words, fail – to show how special “fresh”
    can be. Try them out one time, you’ll be a new customer from then on. JW

    • Thanks, Janette! You hit the nail right on the head there! I’ve always thought if people understood how different fresh baked goods were, they’d rarely buy the stuff at the grocery store.

  • Harry & Roena Peters says:

    Hi Laura and Eric – I guess you know who told me about your products/breads. I will have to order some things from you as I know you are a great cook and I need the healthy menu. Have a wonderful day.

  • Marilyn C. says:

    The Hot Cross Buns and Chocolate Babka (Easter specials) were so delicious! They were the perfect addition to our Easter Sunday brunch. We also loved the Honey Butter Dinner Rolls with our Easter dinner and the Honey Browned Butter Marshmallows as an extra dessert. ?

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