About us

Long ago, during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, my hubby bought me a sourdough cookbook for Mother’s Day. I might be a pastry chef, but I’d never tried making sourdough before, and I was not enthused. But a funny thing happened. I decided to try a recipe, solely out of love for my husband, so he wouldn’t feel like he’d gotten me a lame gift, and… I couldn’t stop baking! My family thought it was the best Mother’s Day present ever! We ate sourdough bread for every meal, with occasional bits of meat and vegetables. Then I had a problem, we couldn’t eat all the bread I was making. I started texting friends — did they want an extra loaf of bread? They did, but even that wasn’t enough. My freezer started to fill up. So, I filed a DBA (doing business as) with the state and started selling bread under their Cottage Food law. Now, I bake large batches of all my favorites every week. And I’m having a ball sharing my love of good food with good folks!

That’s all history; what you may care about for the future is that I use as many organic ingredients as I can reasonably buy. I make my own vanilla. I grind my own whole grains fresh for each batch of bread. I put whole grains in everything I make (my oldest daughter still jokes that I put spinach in my coffee! — I don’t actually, but she thinks it’s hilarious). I hand-pack every bag of granola and crackers and vanilla bean wafers. My youngest daughter helps me (she’s my bagel maker — for a small fee!), and my chickens lay the eggs that I use! If you ask, I sometimes have an extra dozen. We are proudly Catholic and support the Church at every opportunity.