Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I use the Bake Calendar to order? Check the calendar to see what the bakery is planning to make on a given day and use the Shop page to select your items. Since we’re such a small bakery, we can’t have every menu item available every day, so it helps when customers order off the calendar.
  2. What if I want something that’s not on the Calendar? Feel free to place an order for anything that’s on our menu with about two-three days’ notice. Be sure and note what day you need to pick up your order. I can usually bake on other days besides my official bake days, and I’ll call you to rearrange things if I can’t accommodate your order exactly.
  3. I didn’t plan ahead. Can I get something today? I almost always bake a few extras when I have orders! Text or call me to see what I have in stock. If I have an extra loaf of bread, I freeze it the same day and sell it within a week or two. Frozen bread maintains its quality for at least a month, and I will always tell you if it’s from the freezer.
  4. How much advance notice do you need? That depends on the item. I need three days for San Francisco sourdough, only two for most of the other breads, and one for the Miche. One day is usually enough for cookies, cakes, and crackers. Add an extra day or two for large orders.
  1. How long will your bread stay good? Sourdough keeps remarkably well! Generally, I’ve been able to continue slicing and eating from a loaf for more than 5 days. After about 3 days, it’s definitely better toasted, but, oh, it is the best toast!
  2. What’s the best way to store the bread? At our house, we usually have bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (go figure!), so the loaf stays on the counter standing up on its cut end. The cutting board helps the cut edge stay soft and the thick crust keeps the rest of the loaf from drying out quickly. At night, I put it in a plastic bag or bread box.
  3. What about the cookies and crackers — how should I store them? The paper bags we package them in have a plastic liner that keeps most of our smaller items crispy for a week or more. Just refold the top and crimp it closed.

Pick up
  1. Where’s your store? Sweet Sourdough is currently at my home on 718 Sentinel Oaks, Pinehurst 77362.
  2. I can’t find the bakery! I think I have the right street, but what’s with the “Private Road” sign? Sentinel Oaks opens directly onto Hwy 249. Turn right from the feeder road and drive about 3/4 mile down a lovely, wooded, winding street. Ignore the “Private Road” sign. We’re at the red two-story house on the right.
  3. Where do I park? The best place to park is in the reinforced parking area at the front, near the wooden fence. We posted a sign there. Then you can walk up the sidewalk to the door and not have to contend with our sketchy garage or wet grass. Feel free to ring the bell and listen to our dog sing the song of her people!